If your household is partial to wine over beer, here is everything you need to know about the perfect wine for Big Game Sunday this year.

It’s hard to believe that the Big Game is around the corner. It’s never too early to start planning your wine pairing! All wine lovers can relate to this excitement… everything always come back to the wine.

With all the shutdowns this year, you can still enjoy a watch party with your bubble or household at home. Here is some advice on how to elevate the experience with the perfect glass of wine in your hand paired wonderfully with your Big Game feast.

Big Game Food and Wine Pairing

Aside from the football, the performances, and the entertaining ads, the Big Game is all about the food and drinks. There’s no Big Game without a delicious spread of food and a glass of your beverage of choice in your hand!

Classic Big Game dishes include chicken wings, nachos, pizza, and chili. There are tons of spicy flavors in most of the dishes that you’d typically enjoy. There are also creamy and cheesy textures. It can be quite challenging to find a wine pairing given all the layers of flavor in these dishes.

The perfect wine pairing for the Big Game exists and it’s Tempranillo. It’s a ruby wine with primary aromas of red fruits and baking spices. These aromas beautifully complement the spicy comfort foods you typically enjoy during the Big Game. Tempranillo can stand up to the heat from the spices and bold flavors.

Tempranillo is a medium bodied wine that is moderate in alcohol so it’s a great wine that you can pair with your food. Tempranillo is also an excellent sipping wine to enjoy throughout the game. It is smooth on the palate and fairly low in acidity, which means that it will not clash with the hearty dishes you will be enjoying. On the contrary, it actually balances out the punchy flavors from the chile powder and cumin typically found in dishes like wings and chili.

A Big Game Wine Recommendation: Punctum Lobetia Tempranillo

The perfect Tempranillo to pair with your wings and chili is the Lobetia Tempranillo by the producer Punctum Biodynamic Family Vineyards. It’s deep cherry in color with a violet tinge. Beautiful aromas of red berries, cherries, cocoa, and sweet tobacco are expressed on the nose. The wine is smooth on the palate with a long harmonious finish. It’s a delicious organic wine.

This wine has been recognized by Wine Enthusiast as a Best Buy and by Dave McIntyre at the Washington Post as a Great Value purchase. Lobetia Tempranillo is an affordable but incredibly tasty option for Big Game sipping.

The Tempranillo grapes are grown organically in VT Castilla in central Spain in a continental Mediterranean climate. No chemical pesticides or herbicides are used during the farming process. The grapes used to produce the wine are of the highest quality, farmed completely naturally.

No genetically modified yeasts are used during fermentation. This is particularly special because you get a wonderful raw expression of the grape. Additionally, this wine is made up of 100% Tempranillo grapes which allows you to fully appreciate this variety. This is no blend – it’s all Tempranillo!

All the organic winemaking processes show that the winemaker has put a lot of love and care into the wine. It’s an exceptional wine, especially for its price. You won’t be disappointed!

Vegan Big Game Food and Wine Pairing

If you’re in a vegan household preparing cauliflower wings, nachos, and veggie chili, Lobetia Tempranillo is the wine for you! It’s a vegan, organic wine. No animal products are used in the making of this wine, unlike most wines on the market.

The beauty of the wine is that it also pairs wonderfully with vegan Big Game dishes. All the same spices and flavors are used in vegan Big Game cooking, without the meat and dairy. You don’t have to compromise on the wine either! Enjoy a delicious glass of Lobetia Tempranillo alongside your feast.

Wrap Up on Wine for the Big Game

Whether you’re ordering your food from your favorite restaurant or making your dishes homemade, the ultimate wine for the Big Game is a Tempranillo. It complements the spices and flavors typically used in Big Game dishes.

Tempranillo is an easy drinking wine. It’s versatile and food friendly. Grab a Lobetia Tempranillo for great value and deliciousness.

Happy Big Game Sunday!